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Hello, I am Paula Kuka.


I have been a Landscape Architect for 13 years and had some incredible adventures along the way. After graduating from University of Western Australia with first class honours in Bachelor of Landscape Architecture I hightailed it to Sydney and spent 7 years working for OCULUS, honing my design skills and my creative process.


I then travelled to London, UK for three adventurous years with clients ranging from Russian oligarchs and Chelsea bankers to an 800 year old university.


I also spent a chaotic and enchanting year living and working in SHANGHAI CHINA negotiating cultural sensitivities while embracing design challenges from the colossal and austere to the frivolous and downright bizarre.


After returning back home to Australia I took a small break from creating landscapes and created a small human who is a constant reminder of the magic in the world.


In 2016 I established COMMON WILD where I combine all my obsessions. Designing spaces that are beautiful, unexpected, dramatic and thought-provoking. And drawing illustrations that celebrate all the things I love in the world.


In 2017 our family grew again. I survived the wild and hazy early days of being a mum of two by documenting our life in series of cartoons. What began as a personal project, took on a life of its own and I discovered not only were the drawings very therapeutic for me, they were also resonating with women all over the world.


I can’t wait to see what is next for Common Wild.